Bobby G sent me an e-mail asking how much I would charge to make an Avacalian Riderless Bridle, he wants to bring it up at Coronet.

I was in two minds over whether I wanted to do this but at the end of the day the idea of coming up with something new & different for such a moving ceremony won out. I gave him a ball park number based on what bridles cost in the store but at the end of the day as long as any new material costs are cover I'm not worried.

This & the fact that I am sorting out the basement got me thinking of the Kingdom bridle & I think I've finally worked out how to modify it so that it'll fit better on the different size horses. My head space hasn't really been conducive to the crative process of late. That'll be a project for January's chilly weekends.

So in my e-mail to Bobby I said:
On the Kingdom bridle I incorporated roses as well as the lions on An Tir, this is because the ceremony is conducted by the Ladies of the Rose (or whatever they call themselves!) Who will be doing it here? Will it be LoVE? If so what would they like incorporated in addition to Fluffy? I don't know if they have a flower associated with them, if not would the forget-me-not be a possible/appropriate option?
Bat some ideas around & let me know what you all come up with & I'll see how I can pull them together for you.

I thought I'd post here for any additional ideas, the Kingdom one was relatively easy as I had two elements to work with but with the Principality I only really have Fluffy.

I also let him know I'm not playing anymore... I figured he probably knew but with Bobby you can never be sure! ;p
Oh & I also told him to make 'Nyra a Princess! ;)


Oct. 13th, 2011 02:59 pm
For my Viking friends:
I sorted through my fabric on the w/e & there's lots I want to get rid of. Most of it I have long since forgotten why I bought it & what type of fabic it is... there's some I just bought because it was pretty & cheap!

I suspect a large chunk of it is not even close to being period (sorry purists) but you might have a non SCA project it would work for.

Anyway, you are all welcome to come & have a rummage through & see if there's anything of interest. If you're worried about things being awkward feel free to wait until November.

I will also be having a garb clear out so if you or someone you know might interested let me know. Once I get my ducks in a row I'll take pictures & post an ad to the Stables/Circus.
I'd like to make some largesse.
So I'm looking for designs/pictures/paintings for leather purse/pouches.
Something fairly simple but more interesting that your standard 2 piece drawstring pouch.
If it fits in with either the King's or Queen's persona, added bonus points!


Feb. 1st, 2011 08:54 am

These were taken with Mum's iPhone as I, yet again, forgot my camera. There will of course be hundreds from Beothuk... will post a link for those not in the know once they re uploaded... we have decided that Thuk is trying to single-handedly break Flickr!

Click here for pics... )

I was a little out of sorts Saturday morning as Mum, K & I got the house ready for an Open House while we were out for the day... SO tired of living in a showhome!

By the time we got to the site the archery had started but I can't say I was overly upset about that. Mum & I sat with [ profile] brotherselwynn and chatted while watching the archers from a distance... thinking about how many faces I didn't recognize... when they named the next Dragon Blinder, McDuff, I had no idea who he was... oh well!

Once it was done we relocated & watched the last of the rapier fighting & then wandered over to the merchants to buy snacks & a leather hair decoration from Thorgeir for Mum.

Then it was back to the erics to help Philomena set up a sunshade so we could join her underneath it to watch the Dragon Slayer tourney. K had surprised me that morning by telling me that he was going to compete for it so we grabbed our banners & went to line up to process in... in OP... which apparently meant we went first.

After much smashing & bashing three of the final four were chosen with a three way tie for the final spot. After more bashing & smashing this was still a tie. HH Wernar stepped in & it was decided that the first of the three who killed him would get the final place... after even more smashing & bashing the final four were complete. The boy met [ profile] whackychick in the semi-final and Donnan in the final... & was VICTORIOUS!!

Expecting not to be sticking around for dinner & court (we know how much K enjoys court!) I hadn't booked on for the grub... I was thinking of grabbing something on the way home. Fortunately there was enough food for a few extras so were were well fed. :)

Then it was time for court, to see the boy step up as Champion & get a shit load of regalia... Mum had to hold stuff on her lap to get it all in the car.

We stayed to watch some of the torchlight tourney but didn't want too late a night as Mum had to get up & pack to go home on Sunday.

All in all it was a pretty good event... weather was good, company was good, fighting was good, the boy got bling...


Jun. 8th, 2010 09:00 pm
Here are the stools thay K made for us... both are period for each of us... his is the rope one & mine has low sides so that I can sit with it under my hoop skirt.

Pictures... )


Jun. 3rd, 2010 02:46 pm

Thoses of you who haven't been up to the ag grounds up in Alix:

... I need your help!
I did a search on TAL and found one book I was looking for but the second eluded me. I was wondering if the universities libraries are included on TAL or not... if not how does a non-uni peep search these & borrow books?

(Calling on the LJ hive mind would have been WAY to corny as the books I'm looking for are on beekeeping!)

EDIT: stupid me... I can ask my sister to do a search at the U of C! duh!

Horsemen in the Afghan capital, Kabul, compete in the game of Buzkashi, in which two teams flight to throw the carcass of a goat into a scoring circle.

According to Wikipedia a non-mounted version is already played in the SCA.

So how do you go about inlaying copper into iron?

Stirrup, 975–1075
Anglo-Scandinavian, possibly from southern England
Iron inlaid with copper alloy

10 x 5 1/2 in. (25.4 x 14 cm)
Fletcher Fund, 1947 (47.100.23)

Though the Vikings are best known as seafaring warriors, through contact with Europe they grew ever more adept as cavalrymen. Changes in stirrup design gave a tactical advantage in that they permitted a warrior to shift his weight onto the stirrups and thereby wield his weapons with greater height and force. This stirrup, decorated with a distinctive technique of iron inlay, is of a type found in England and may have been introduced in the renewed Viking attacks at the end of the tenth century.

Info from the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Jan. 6th, 2010 01:45 pm

So... I've been thinking about making a set of fabric heraldic barding

BNF Français 2695, folio 45v; collection of the National Library of France; Provence, around 1460

using applique... I know very little about it & nothing about how it was done in period... I was wondering if the hive mind had any pointers for me!
So I'm thinking it's about time I had a new outfit for 12th Night.. I was thinking of something along the lines of:


Trouble is I'm not all that great at the sewing thing... straight lines?... no problem, tailoring?... not so much!
Anybody out there go some time on their hands in January who would be willing to help me out?

So for $2000.00 we can start the Barony’s cavalry with 2 horses & a trailer... do Wilma & Thuk have a back yard?!


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