Neil Gaiman is a beekeeper... how cool is that?!


Jan. 26th, 2011 10:39 am

A question for the techno-minded... I'm thinking of getting a Kindle, mainly for books I can only get in e-format & those that are stupidly cheap/free in e-format. One site I know of offers e-books in several different formats including .pdf & .mobi, both of which the Kindle supports. Does anyone know which is the better format to download in?

Katharine Kerr has been one of my favourite authors since I discovered her Deverry books back during my first year at Uni... so when I found a yahoo group for her fans I joined... to be pleasantly surprised to find she regularly joins in the conversations whether peeps are discussing her books or various random topics, which is more often than not.

Then I discovered she had an LJ page so added that to my friends list. At the end of September she posted that she was putting up 3 books for a charity auction... I went to investigate. Of the 3 books I had one but not the others... now I have to explain... I started collecting this series when I lived in the UK & being anal about these things I wanted to continue collecting the UK editions... which was a bit of a pain so I hadn't gotten around to picking up the last 2 books released. As the books won would be personalised by Kit (as she refers to herself) I figured it was worth it even though I already had one.

1) I WON!!!
That was pretty awesome because I almost forgot about it... turns out I bid 1 minute before the bidding closed!
2) Kit offered me the book that came before the one I had a double of but I already had that too... so in my reply I was uber cheeky and said "but I wouldn't mind waiting until you had a trade paper copy of The Silver Mage... <bats eyelids> no? well it was worth a try <chuckle>"... her response?!? "I could do that, sure.  I should get a box of them in November some time." OMG HOW AWESOME IS THAT???!!!

So Kit is now my official NUMBER 1 favourite author of all time... she totally ROCKS!


Nov. 7th, 2008 08:42 pm

so as I unpack the boxes I packed back at the end of summer I look at some of the stuff & wonder what on earth possessed me to pack it in the first place! I also realized that I could open my own fantasy library and that I had more non-fantasy books than I thought plus I still have a bunch of books for my childhood... does anyone else still read the Timbucktoo books? My Friend Flicka? the Black Stallion series? Black Beauty? I'm beginning to see a trend... ok so they aren't *all* horse books... just a fair few of them!

having ended a relationship with someone who I lived with for the last 4 years or so & moving out into my own place I have this wonderful sense of space & freedom. I no longer have to make those compromises we all do when sharing our home with someone else & yes I'm going through a very selfish "me, my, mine" stage... for example I want my place exactly the way I want it, to hell with what anyone else may think!! If that means that my rubber duckie themed bathroom looks like it was decorated for toddlers... so be it!! One of the things that has struck me is the fact that I can now invite people over whenever I want... for a a few hours, the day, a week, as long as they want (& I can put up with them!) & I don't have to ok it with anyone. That to me is a huge sense of freedom.


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