Winter War or Stagette/Hen Night?

EDIT: Y'all pretty much on the same page as me... but seeing Albi fighting for Montengarde would be pretty cool! ;)

For my latest secret squirrel project I decided that a turk's head knot would look the biz... I just needed to learn how to do them!
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My weekend started at 4pm on Thursday afternoon when I ran away from the office...

The Good:
Flex days to make long weekends.
Getting spoilt at dinner Thursday night.
Much visity time with friends.
Getting to help a friend out with her sewing for Estrella.
Finding out my big sister is moving to Virginia... now there’s only a land mass between us!
The King’s Speech.
Alabama Slammers.

The Bad:
Missing seeing K’s face when he figured WTF was going on. I hope there are pictures.

The Ugly:
Finding out that my sister’s dog had to be put down :(
The weather... crappy for driving & even worse for shoveling!

K getting put on Vigil! So very proud of him.

Providing the weather's not turned really crappy, I think I'll go King's Speech this evening...


Jan. 21st, 2011 09:06 am

I'd just like to say that [ profile] ya_inga & [ profile] gravy_grrl are teh eebil!

I have fought the sock temptation that is Sock Dreams for a while now but I finally caved yesterday.
The silver lining is that I got them shipped to Mum (free shipping to her vs US$28 to me)... my Mum being a nice Mum wont ask me to pay her back for the shipping she pays, plus she can label it as a gift so I shouldn't have to pay any import duty :) I'll make sure she gets a good Mother's Day prezzie! ;) Win-win, I say!

I would like to say that I find the mind reading abilities of Sock Dreams a little disconcerting. While browsing the website at lunchtime I thought to myself... "Those blue striped socks the logo's wearing are my kinda colours..." when I return in the evening to place my order what do I see on the front page of the website?
Sock Journal
Logo Legs:
We love our lovely logo and we know you do too. But if you want to wear her socks, what styles are the best option?... more »


Jan. 11th, 2011 10:43 am

Hello Edmontonians!
I was wondering if anyone coming down for Montengarde's 12th Night has room to bring down a Papasan from ethnowoman... please!

I had a fun w/e...


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