There's something wrong with hoping that the weather's nice so you can stay home & do chores rather than going off camping & having fun with your boy & friends... but that's exactly what I'm doing. *sigh*

On the docket this w/e is stripping the old stain off the deck & then re-staining it & the new fence.

Lawn Care

Apr. 27th, 2010 11:07 am
I'm thinking of getting the grass power raked, aerated and fertilized so that it looks good when I come to sell the place.
Anyone got a company they'd recommend?

So I just had a super productive 3 day weekend... gotta love flex days!


Wot I got up to... )


so as I unpack the boxes I packed back at the end of summer I look at some of the stuff & wonder what on earth possessed me to pack it in the first place! I also realized that I could open my own fantasy library and that I had more non-fantasy books than I thought plus I still have a bunch of books for my childhood... does anyone else still read the Timbucktoo books? My Friend Flicka? the Black Stallion series? Black Beauty? I'm beginning to see a trend... ok so they aren't *all* horse books... just a fair few of them!

having ended a relationship with someone who I lived with for the last 4 years or so & moving out into my own place I have this wonderful sense of space & freedom. I no longer have to make those compromises we all do when sharing our home with someone else & yes I'm going through a very selfish "me, my, mine" stage... for example I want my place exactly the way I want it, to hell with what anyone else may think!! If that means that my rubber duckie themed bathroom looks like it was decorated for toddlers... so be it!! One of the things that has struck me is the fact that I can now invite people over whenever I want... for a a few hours, the day, a week, as long as they want (& I can put up with them!) & I don't have to ok it with anyone. That to me is a huge sense of freedom.


Jan. 9th, 2007 03:20 pm
Well it's finally happened... I've officially moved into my house... only 2 months or so after taking possession... two sleeps there so far.

D seems to be taking it her stride but seeing this is the third place, not including temporary residences, we've lived in it's not really surprising. M on the other hand has been totally freaked out, I think he's missing H, I've never known him to be so cuddly and for a Ragdoll that's saying something! I didn't realize that sleeping with 2 cats on a single bed would prove to be so challenging... they pin me down under the comforter, one on either side... but they work better than hot water bottles... they don't go cold over night... well at least I hope they never do...

So the painting is more or less done... a few touch-ups, a couple on bits inside cupboards, gotta take off all the tape protecting the trim... but it was done enough I could move in & begin the process of unpacking boxes, starting with the kitchen. How did I accumulate so much stuff? What do I need with 6 brandy glasses of various sizes anyway? I intended on going to bed early last night but was infected with "one more box" syndrome and couldn't stop... several hours later I crawl into my too small bed... maybe buying a bigger bed should be moved up the priority list...

Well I managed to write more than expected for my first post but I'd better stop now seeing as I should be working...


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