As many of you know, I'm going to the UK for Christmas this year & will be spending it with various members of my family... some I saw last in 2004, some in 1998, & some never.
I would like to buy them something Canadian, something they can't get in the UK... this plan will hopefully increase it's novelty value to the recipient & have the added bonus that I'll be buying in Canadian $$ with 5% GST rather than UK prices with 20% VAT.
This said, it means that the gifties need to be relatively small, light & easily portable, read: non breakable!

I have considered:
Maple syrup/maple syrup candies/chocolates.
Roots Canadian hats/toques, scarves, hoodies, etc.
Smoked salmon - the real BC stuff not the thinly sliced stuff you can buy anywhere.
Limitations to clothing - I don't know anyone’s sizes so we'd be looking at "one size" or "general" items.
No sweet stuff for one of my grandmothers as she has diabetes.

Ok so who do I have to buy for?
2 x grandmothers
3 x uncles
1 x aunt
1 x female cousin (13 - turns 14 early next year)
1 male cousin (11, he is the one of the ones I've not met)
1 x uncle's g/f (who is the other one I've not met)

So... suggestions? It doesn't have to be only available in Calgary, I should have time to buy on the interwebs & have it shipped here before I leave.
You may or may not know that the World Police & Fire Games is in BC this year. My sister's boyfriend is a Calgary City cop & plays on their hockey team... and they are through to the GOLD MEDAL GAME!!! N thinks that the game is going to be televised (this is Canada & we *are* talking hockey here!) but I can't watch or record it... is there anyone out there who wont be using their recordy type devices tomorrow who could record it for me... PWEEEEEZE? (see icon)


Sep. 29th, 2008 03:25 pm
Ok peeps... I need some advice... I have relatives coming over from the UK who are thinking of moving over here. We are planning on meeting up with them on the 13th October as we have the day off work.

So... suggestions of places to take them that will actually be open on Thanksgiving... any ideas?!

Please could everyone keep my parents in their thoughts over the next few days... and any prayers to whoever it is you send them too would be wonderful!

For those who don't know, my parents live just north of Houston Texas & are pretty much right in the path of Ike unless it swerves off before it hits land. They are not very close to the coast but close enough for me to worry!

... who'd understand the Mallt reference... Welcome to a crazy little portion of this side of the pond!

Turns out my big sis is already an LJ addict! :) 
Love ya!!


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