Thank you all for the awesome gift ideas!

Now for another question...
Does anyone have an recommendations (or the opposite) for central vacuum systems. I need something that not only has good suction but also has good motorized heads to get the cat hair out of the carpet... oh & preferably a small motorized head I can do the stairs with, doing them with the crevice tool is driving me nuts.

I was considering getting a Dyson Animal canister vacuum because the reviews say they're awesome but it seems kinda dumb to do that when I paid for the central vacuum to be plumbed in.


Apr. 1st, 2011 10:22 am
I need to put up fences & I was thinking of vinyl. The neighbour originally had planned the same but then was told that the light colours chip & the dark colous fade and was persuaded to switch to cedar. Does anyone have any experience with vinyl fencing?

We took possession of the new house on Thursday last week!

There wasn't anything major to report when we did the walk through... fridge door swung the wrong way... dishwasher was missing... the dishwasher was a mixup at The Brick, it was delivered on Saturday (along with my new washer & dryer!) but as of last night was still not plumbed in. The fridge was replaced on Friday... no door handles... inside the fridge K was told... did he look? Nope... & no they weren't! I phoned The Brick today... they are going to replace it with yet another "newer model" which I read as "we can't find handles for the older, outdated model"! There are a couple of three way switches that aren't so we'll have the builder in to look at those.

Oh... I tell a lie... there was something major, but it was the builder who spotted it before we even got to the walk through... the tiling in the ensuite wasn't square... this meant that at the far end of the room there was a wedge of tile... no idea how they thought that was ok... the builder had already arranged for them to come back & re-lay it... by the time we moved in it was done :)

Thanks to everyone who helped with the loading on Tuesday... BillyB is a DEMON packer... just awesome! K & I managed to get everything out on Thursday except my oak dresser... luckily a couple of work mates from our south office (5 mins from the house) were kind enough to come over & lend a hand :)

There's still some stuff over at the old house that we have slowly been ferrying to the new in the wee car... no rush as yet as the house is still for sale... *sigh*!

So now we are unpacking, putting funiture back together, finding homes for everything & generally settling in.

Cats were a little non-plussed with the whole thing... they're not sure if this is a temporary gig & will be headed home soon... they were a little off their food but are slowly getting back to normal... they LOVE having carpet... Merlin's never lived in a house with carpet before!

Yes I will put up pictures, I want to get rid of the majority of the boxes before I take any. Bonus room's going to look a mess for a while as my novels have no home so will be staying in their boxes... I see trips to Ikea in my future for bookcases... :D

Last but not least... when we got home last night we saw that we had dirt!! They had delivered & spread out our topsoil... now I just have to wait until we get City approval that the grading is good & I can play in my garden (yard)! I'm hoping that the weather might hold long enough to at least get my fruit trees in so they have a head start in the spring... but it is October so I'm not holding my breath!

Those of you who are coming over tomorrow to help with the move & don't have my address, message me!
No, nothing has been decided in the driveway issue... I'm beginning to think that they are employing delaying tactics & if I've not heard anything by the time I get back from Quad I'll be contacting the City anyway.

So I was perrusing the developers website to see if they had updated the community maps... they only had Phase 1 - Sequoia and I've bought in Phase 2 - Dressage (yes I know but I honestly didn't know that at the time!) Turns out they have so you get to see...

Blue ring outlines my place... clicky, clicky to make big.

During my surfing of their website I found these two water conservation documents... hmmm I thinks to myself... & took a looksie... low & behold in the "Silverado Water Conservation Program" document they say "At Qualico Communities, we believe it is not only in our best interest, but that it is our obligation to set an example and adopt water conservation in our communities and, in order to be successful, we need the cooperation and insight of our builders and homeowners." Really?!! Well I think that "cooperation" is a two way street!! And I said so in an e-mail to the builder, telling they that they should feel free to forward it on to the developer!
It's been a while since I did an update... let me see... last post they were just starting to put the roof joists up.
Pictures )

It's starting to actually look like a house!


Jun. 15th, 2010 09:00 pm


Jun. 4th, 2010 01:06 pm
I have a foundataion... & oh look my stairs are there in front! :)

They're getting ready to pour the foundation...


May. 6th, 2010 10:27 am

Here's the plot plan so you can see my nice big potential garden :)

And here's what the front should look like with all the extra stone they added to it & the workshop off to the side of the garage (the line I added to the roof of the workshop was a change the builder suggested to make the place look more balanced. I've not heard back to whether that change has gone through yet):

If you click on the pictures twice they should get big enough to read the small print.
So the picking of the backsplash was not nearly the drama I thought it was going to be... turns out on the the small tile was discontinued... the 13.5" one isn't... YAY! So we are going with the same tiles as I chose before (base tile & black slate in the corners) we are just changing the layout.

Here are the choices I made, of course the colours wont be exact but it kinda gives you an idea!
OK first we have the inteior choices from Hawthorne (the wood is a sample from Legacy, the kitchen cabinet people).

Picture heavy... you have been warned! )
Thar back-splash tile that took forever to settle on... it's discontinued... well fuck, back to the drawing board...

Plus I asked whether I could have the driveway as wide as the garage & not include the workshop... it's totally superfluous as it's not as though you can drive into the garage from it... plus it's an extra 4' of concrete, can we say ugly?! Apparently architectural controls states it has to be the full width... WTF?? this is supposed to be a "green" & "water conservation" area & they want to stick extra concrete down... there was me wanting to use the space to make the place look nice... GOD FORBID!!

I have asked who I can talk to about this...

Last Thursday (April 22nd) was my stake date on my new house... that's when the surveyors come out & stake out the dimensions to be dug out ready to lay the foundations. I went to look today & they have already done the digging... I have a hole!

(Taken with my phone, click to make bigger.)

On Saturday I went to choose my interior stuff... & sure enough we decided to go with the Honey stain, it gave us a much wider selection to choose from... I'll have to go back to the flooring place & make the change... no biggie... I've already told the builder & the kitchen peeps.

So my selections were going pretty smoothly, no major hiccups, until I got to the tile for the back-splash in the kitchen... holy crap was that a gong show... could I find anything I liked that looked good with both the counter top & cabinets? I think it took longer to pick that out than the rest of the stuff put together! In the end I went with a fairly simple tile but jazzed it up with some 1"x1" black slate pieces in the corners on alternating tiles, as suggested by the long suffering, very nice, Lisa of Hawthorn Interiors!... this, peeps, is why I'm an engineer not an interior designer! So now I have carpet, floor tile (both for upstairs & down), back-splash tile, fireplace surround tile and wall paint picked out... I think that was everything!

So yesterday I went to choose hardwood flooring... the stain I picked for kitchen & trim was "spice" & has red tones. It seems that red tones in wood flooring aren't all that common & really I was left with one choice... everything else made the trim look uber pink... ugh! This makes me wonder if picking everything else (carpet, tile flooring, wall paint, backsplash tile, countertop laminate etc.) will be as equally difficult... & limited.

The alternative would be to change the stain to "honey", which as it sounds has golden tones... that's what I had in my last place & I had no problem picking stuff to go with it.

I'm thinking I might hedge my bets, go pick up a honey sample... if I can, see what flooring I like with that & take both to the appointment tomorrow when I pick the rest of the interior stuff.


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