Anyone want to come with me?
February 19th, Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.
I can pre-buy tickets until 10am Friday.
...thought you might find this interesting...
because I don't know how to put pictures in comments...

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Sep. 18th, 2008 01:40 pm
The boy & I are going to Metallica! :D
Metal Monk
Actually I did like... very much so in fact...

I went to the Clapton concert last night & thoroughly enjoyed myself... great music... awesome musicians... great solos & the 2nd guitarist wasn't too hard on the eyes either!

I think there may have been some who were expecting him to just play his classics... I'd say at least half of the songs he played were new (to me at least) & he played most of his well known stuff at the end. One couple behind he left before he even got to well known stuff. Yes it's nice to hear songs you're familiar & yes I was pleased he played Cocaine (in the encore) but I was happy listening to all they played... if you love his music, you love his music, it doesn't matter what he's playing... new or old... it's all great!

The warm up band was good too... will have to do some investigating to see if I can find some of their songs...
I had been looking forward to this concert since I bought the tickets back whenever it was... and it totally lived up to expectation. Amy Lee has the most amazing voice, as strong & clear at the end of the concert as it was at the beginning. Even though they are coming to the end of their Canada tour her voice was none the worse for wear. I would go & see them again in a heartbeat!


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