About a month ago we got the first produce from the garden... 2 radishes... they were very tasty & I was looking forward to more... this was not to be as the rest bolted & there was very little in the way of roots... here are the 2 that were good:
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So I seem to be having the worst luck when it comes to this garden... first I plant stuff out after long w/e only to have the crap weather turn up late... I rush out the night the snow comes to cover everything up with gardening tunnels & manage to save most of everything but not all... this w/e I uncovered everything so the plants could make the most of the sun & rain... then today it hailed so hard it decimated pretty much everything... if I'd left the tunnels on they'd probably be ok :( I think I'm most upset about the blackberry plant I found... took me ages to find a really nice healthy looking one... had it tucked in by the deck to shelter it from the wind... moved it yesterday to paint the deck & never moved it back... it probably would have missed the worst of the hail were it was ... now its leaves are tatters.

I am most unhappy! :(


Jun. 4th, 2010 01:14 pm

Here's some pictures of the tulips I have right now...
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Ok so you have to be an Eddie Izzard fan to get that reference... (Here you go!)


My seeds & bees arrived yesterday!

The bees are still in cocoons in two little plastic containers that I have to keep in the fridge... the advice is to put them in a container with wet paper towel to keep them moist. So I get a container out of the cupboard, put some paper towel in the bottom, nestle the bee containers in & then try an find a sharpie to label it so K knows they are bees. While I do this he is in the kitchen cooking dinner. I can't find a sharpie so I say that this is bees & put it in the back of the fridge. We eat dinner... I check my e-mails... I go have a shower... I go back on the computer to mess around with my iPod music... not long before bed K comes into the study & says... "I was listening but it didn't really register... did you say bees?" "Yes," I say, "not honey bees though." "But real buzzing bees?", he asks... "Yes... they are in cocoons & now we have to wait for spring to arrive."

I can't wait to start planting things... I might start some stuff inside... stuff in containers that I can put out but can bring back inside if needs be. I'm thinking of a greenhouse/shed to start things at the new place... & to protect the frost delicate plants in the fall... stupid short growing season!

2010 Garden

Mar. 4th, 2010 01:11 pm
I just went online to West Coast Seeds a bought myself a mixture of veggie & flower seeds... man is that a dangerous site... once I have my new place it's going to be tough to choose what to buy... or rather, what not to buy!

Yes I might have sold the house by the time all the veggies are harvested... so why am I bothering? I have two 8'x4' raised beds that will look very odd with nothing in them! So I'll fill them with (I hope) tasty veggies & maybe that'll help sell the place... "Free Vegetables With Every House Purchase"!

Planned edibles for this year:
Summer squash
Swiss chard
Leeks (if I can find any started at the garden centre)
Sugar snap peas
Parsley root (never tried this but it intrigued me, the packet says it looks like parsnip but has a mild parsley flavour & is good in soups & stews)
Strawberries (if they survived the winter)

I have a number of (mismatched) containers that I will plant the flowers in to put around the rest of the "sitting area" I will create near the raised bed once we have ripped out the second half of the rotting lower deck. Originally I was going to put in more raised beds but there's no point now.

I'm hoping the perennials and the violets will come back at the front of the house, if not I'll have to plant something there. I also want to put a hanging basket full of sweet peas at the front door so it smells nice as you arrive :)

I also bought Mason Bees... I'm still looking at the possibility of getting honey bees in the future but not until the new garden is up & running. I noticed last year that I had a distinct lack of bees pollenating my garden so I thought I'd give these girls a try! Oh & I hope having bees will keep the (rather large) wasp population down!

Honey Bees!

Mar. 4th, 2010 09:48 am

Anyone interested in going with me to a talk on Urban Bee Keeping at the Calgary Zoo on Friday March 26th? It's free but you have to book tickets as there's a limited number of seats. Go to for tickets... I'm gonna go get mine now :)

I decided that we'd better eat this leek as it is about to flower:

Mutant carrot #2:

We have also havested both leeks & carrots from the garden now:
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I doubt many of you will get the Bill & Ben reference but oh well!

Yesterday I harvested beans from the garden... lots left, this is just the first pickings:

We had them for dinner last night... nom nom nom!

Seeing [profile] wendy_licious's yard pics reminded me... I have 2 bags of cedar mulch I got from Burnco sitting in my garage... if anyone was thinking of buying some let me know!


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