My bootcamp trainer's daughter, Shaunie, has qualified to represent Canada at the World Junior Games in Spain. At 16 she's the youngest on the team & competes against girls considerably older. Is she good? She won the bronze medal for the 60m hurdles last year at the Youth Commonwealth Games... she was 15, the youngest on the team & the youngest competitor in her discipline... so yes, she's good!
Unfortunately, being under 18 she doesn't receive any funding so she has to rely on donations & sponsors. Please help me to help Shaunie go to the games... either by personal donations or by asking at work if you think your company would be willing to sponsor her or both! I can supply you with a corporate sponsorship letter if you think your company might be interested.
Her website is

The man & I drove up to Edmonton yesterday so we could go to see Eddie Izzard in the evening. We arrived mid afternoon so got some hang out time with ya_inga before Vik came home & we all headed off to dinner at the Olive Garden. Once our tummies were full to their utmost on limitless salad & breadsticks we all headed off to the North Jubilee... which is *exactly* the same as ours... kinda odd actually. We were a wee bit early which was cool as we didn't have to wait in line to get souvenirs... I got a red t-shirt that says "COVERED IN BEES" how awesome is that?!! The show was great, so glad we made the trek up there to see it... btw "Monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, you!" is the name of Charles Darwin's famous book... in case you were wondering :) This morning we had hang out time with Vik as ya_inga had to go to work... then it was a late breakfast before heading back down the QE2 to home... just in time to run in the house as a thunderstorm hit!

A huge thanks to ya_inga & Vik for putting us up, ferrying us around so I didn't have to drive in a strange place & for treating us to dinner... much loves to both of you!

Click to make it bigger... click again to make it even bigger! ;)
Made for me by [ profile] justgemma17 ...

the horse is felt made by [ profile] bork107 ...

They be awesome peeps :)

So I come on here this morning & realize that if I'd actually read my friends page yesterday I wouldn't have been surprised at all the people at [profile] justgemma17and [profile] bork107's house!!!... but a surprise it was... and a very enjoyable one at that :) (plus the food was awesome... I *heart* people who feed me!)


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