My bootcamp trainer's daughter, Shaunie, has qualified to represent Canada at the World Junior Games in Spain. At 16 she's the youngest on the team & competes against girls considerably older. Is she good? She won the bronze medal for the 60m hurdles last year at the Youth Commonwealth Games... she was 15, the youngest on the team & the youngest competitor in her discipline... so yes, she's good!
Unfortunately, being under 18 she doesn't receive any funding so she has to rely on donations & sponsors. Please help me to help Shaunie go to the games... either by personal donations or by asking at work if you think your company would be willing to sponsor her or both! I can supply you with a corporate sponsorship letter if you think your company might be interested.
Her website is


Oct. 4th, 2011 07:52 pm
My arms & legs feel kinda funny after my kettlebell class...

I had to miss one of my bootcamp classes when I was up in Wainwright so I took the kettlebell class to make up for it.
I think I prefer regular bootcamp!
Bootcamp Day 1 done... 7 more to go!
Did better than Day 1 of the last session I did. :)

Bootcamp didn't kill me last night!
I'm feeling it in my arms, & shoulders in particular today... a bit in my abs & obliques. Legs I can't really tell because they were already stiff and sore from riding on Monday.
Grooming Ariel will be fun tonight with my arms the way they feel.
Next bootcamp class is tomorrow.
As I have to go to the barn on Friday (time for Ariel's yearly shots & check-up) I'll ride before the vet arrives.
That means I will have ridden Monday, Wednesday, Friday & bootcamped Tuesay, Thursday... as I plan on doing heavy duty yard work over the w/e I might be dead by Sunday night!


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