As many of you know, I'm going to the UK for Christmas this year & will be spending it with various members of my family... some I saw last in 2004, some in 1998, & some never.
I would like to buy them something Canadian, something they can't get in the UK... this plan will hopefully increase it's novelty value to the recipient & have the added bonus that I'll be buying in Canadian $$ with 5% GST rather than UK prices with 20% VAT.
This said, it means that the gifties need to be relatively small, light & easily portable, read: non breakable!

I have considered:
Maple syrup/maple syrup candies/chocolates.
Roots Canadian hats/toques, scarves, hoodies, etc.
Smoked salmon - the real BC stuff not the thinly sliced stuff you can buy anywhere.
Limitations to clothing - I don't know anyone’s sizes so we'd be looking at "one size" or "general" items.
No sweet stuff for one of my grandmothers as she has diabetes.

Ok so who do I have to buy for?
2 x grandmothers
3 x uncles
1 x aunt
1 x female cousin (13 - turns 14 early next year)
1 male cousin (11, he is the one of the ones I've not met)
1 x uncle's g/f (who is the other one I've not met)

So... suggestions? It doesn't have to be only available in Calgary, I should have time to buy on the interwebs & have it shipped here before I leave.


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