It has been suggested that a playground be built at an event site... something to keep the children amused while the adults beat each other with sticks etc. Personally I think it's a great idea, I may not have any of my own but I do know that keeping sprogs amused can be a daunting task. It has been mentioned that we need to look into the liability issues, what would happen if someone were to get hurt... which took me back to my childhood days & the wonderful playground we used to have. Unfortunately over the course of a year, one by one, the equipment was taken away, deemed "unsafe". The slide was too high, the round-a-bout & witches hat could be spun too quickly, children were jumping off swings at the highest point they could and of course the most damning of all... they were all built into tarmac... heaven help us! So what do children do when faced with a denuded playground... we found alternative sources of amusement, which often included climbing the biggest trees we could find, playing football in the street, investigating the nearby railway tracks and other equally safe pursuits. My point? Children will always find something to amuse themselves, they will usually find a way to make any game or equipment as dangerous and therefore as exciting as possible... there's no way we are going to change their innate ability to try and have as much fun as possible... nor, personally, should we. So providing we can give them an area, that doesn't have any obvious child maiming objects, where we can let them be themselves I think that's all we need do... after all most of us grew up onto halfway normal human beings without being forced to live wrapped up in cotton wool.


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