Kitty Beds

Nov. 27th, 2011 06:43 pm
Today I bought 3 kitty beds from the Meow Foundation...
3 for 3!

He's settling in well, getting bolder... when he first arrived he'd hide under the stairs in the basement at feeding time until I rattled the food container... now he waits on the stairs just behind the other two.
He likes pettings & tummy rubs... this aint no feral cat! :D When he's a little more settled I'll get rid of the couple of mats he has & try clipping his claws.
Duchess is still hissing at him but seeing as it took her 2 years to accept Merlin as a permanent addition to the family I'm not too worried.
Merlin's still unsure but they seem happy to chase each other around the house!
I'll post some pictures as soon as he stays still long enough for me to take some!

I'm going to call him Tomos.
It's the Welsh spelling of Thomas which means twin... seems appropriate as he’s kinda like Merlin Mark II.
He came out of hiding when I called him this morning :)

I also considered:
Cai – Welsh form of the Latin Caius meaning Lord... he was also a figure in the Arthurian legends... goes with Merlin & Duchess
Gwydion/Gwyddion – Welsh wizard from the Mabinogion 
Floyd/Lloyd meaning Grey-haired as they are both derived from the Welsh word for grey – llwyd
Plus the many suggestions friends came up with but none of them quite fit.

Here are a few:
Manannan (Irish) - but that made me think of the Muppets song Mahna Mahna.
Manawyddan (Welsh) - also from the Mabinogion but a bit of a mouthful
Gandalf - well it fit the wizard theme & he’s got the grey... but I can’t imagine myself calling that out at home... plus “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” always comes to mind when I think of it!
Prince – makes me think of the "Artist Formally Known As..." plus I don’t think Duchess would appreciate being upstaged by a Prince.
There were quite a few regal names & I can see why from the picture... but he’s not... his favourite thing so far is rolling around on the concrete floor! :)

This morning I left a note for K telling to not let the cats out of the basement (indroducing the house to Tomos in stages) & that there were now two who looked like Merlin. His response was "Why has Merlin gone through meiosis?" I said I didn't know... it must be a Ragdoll thing :)
Here is the new addition to the family:

He's a blue point Ragdoll, like Merlin, but he has white paws.
He needs a name... suggestions?

X-posted from Facebook:

Many of you may have realized I'm moving home which involves selling this one. While it's on the market I was hoping to find my two cats a holiday home to make showing easier. Any volunteers? Anyone thinking of getting cats of their own but aren't sure, maybe your SI/housemate needs a little convincing, here's an opportunity to have two on a trial basis!! PRETTY PLEASE message me if you think you can help out!

Poor Merlin had to go for an ultrasound today to check his bladder & kidneys... which meant they had to shave him:

At least he'll be a bit cooler this summer.
He was very good through the whole thing.

Good news is that he doesn't have stones in his bladder although there is quite a bit of "debris". The urine sample they drew directly from his bladder was yellow not pink. Although she'll know more once the urine analysis comes back the Dr. thinks that the crystals in his urine are irritating his urethra causing the pink when he pees... apparently this is more of a problem with boys because their urethra is longer & has a bend in it that tends to cause stuff to collect there.

He has spent almost the whole time since the appointment washing himself clean of the ultrasound gel.


Aug. 15th, 2008 03:04 pm
 For [profile] wackynephewsand [profile] wendy_licious...

...cos they make me giggle every time I see them!

Squeeee! )
...& all other book lovers!

For J the Q

Sep. 6th, 2007 01:55 pm


I just realized that Whipping Winds falls on the w/e I agreed to start catsitting for a friend (like four cats in my house isn't enough) I guess it'll have to wait until next year :(


Jan. 9th, 2007 03:20 pm
Well it's finally happened... I've officially moved into my house... only 2 months or so after taking possession... two sleeps there so far.

D seems to be taking it her stride but seeing this is the third place, not including temporary residences, we've lived in it's not really surprising. M on the other hand has been totally freaked out, I think he's missing H, I've never known him to be so cuddly and for a Ragdoll that's saying something! I didn't realize that sleeping with 2 cats on a single bed would prove to be so challenging... they pin me down under the comforter, one on either side... but they work better than hot water bottles... they don't go cold over night... well at least I hope they never do...

So the painting is more or less done... a few touch-ups, a couple on bits inside cupboards, gotta take off all the tape protecting the trim... but it was done enough I could move in & begin the process of unpacking boxes, starting with the kitchen. How did I accumulate so much stuff? What do I need with 6 brandy glasses of various sizes anyway? I intended on going to bed early last night but was infected with "one more box" syndrome and couldn't stop... several hours later I crawl into my too small bed... maybe buying a bigger bed should be moved up the priority list...

Well I managed to write more than expected for my first post but I'd better stop now seeing as I should be working...


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