Jan. 11th, 2012 09:24 am
Getting Ariel up the steps would be my problem! ;)


Dec. 17th, 2011 02:36 pm
The girls are alive & kicking flying:

I guess today is warm & sunny enough for them to do "cleansing flights". Bees don't poop in the hive, when it's too cold outside for flying it just gets stored up inside the bee.
Anyone want to come with me?
February 19th, Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.
I can pre-buy tickets until 10am Friday.

Kitty Beds

Nov. 27th, 2011 06:43 pm
Today I bought 3 kitty beds from the Meow Foundation...
3 for 3!

Bobby G sent me an e-mail asking how much I would charge to make an Avacalian Riderless Bridle, he wants to bring it up at Coronet.

I was in two minds over whether I wanted to do this but at the end of the day the idea of coming up with something new & different for such a moving ceremony won out. I gave him a ball park number based on what bridles cost in the store but at the end of the day as long as any new material costs are cover I'm not worried.

This & the fact that I am sorting out the basement got me thinking of the Kingdom bridle & I think I've finally worked out how to modify it so that it'll fit better on the different size horses. My head space hasn't really been conducive to the crative process of late. That'll be a project for January's chilly weekends.

So in my e-mail to Bobby I said:
On the Kingdom bridle I incorporated roses as well as the lions on An Tir, this is because the ceremony is conducted by the Ladies of the Rose (or whatever they call themselves!) Who will be doing it here? Will it be LoVE? If so what would they like incorporated in addition to Fluffy? I don't know if they have a flower associated with them, if not would the forget-me-not be a possible/appropriate option?
Bat some ideas around & let me know what you all come up with & I'll see how I can pull them together for you.

I thought I'd post here for any additional ideas, the Kingdom one was relatively easy as I had two elements to work with but with the Principality I only really have Fluffy.

I also let him know I'm not playing anymore... I figured he probably knew but with Bobby you can never be sure! ;p
Oh & I also told him to make 'Nyra a Princess! ;)
Thank you all for the awesome gift ideas!

Now for another question...
Does anyone have an recommendations (or the opposite) for central vacuum systems. I need something that not only has good suction but also has good motorized heads to get the cat hair out of the carpet... oh & preferably a small motorized head I can do the stairs with, doing them with the crevice tool is driving me nuts.

I was considering getting a Dyson Animal canister vacuum because the reviews say they're awesome but it seems kinda dumb to do that when I paid for the central vacuum to be plumbed in.
As many of you know, I'm going to the UK for Christmas this year & will be spending it with various members of my family... some I saw last in 2004, some in 1998, & some never.
I would like to buy them something Canadian, something they can't get in the UK... this plan will hopefully increase it's novelty value to the recipient & have the added bonus that I'll be buying in Canadian $$ with 5% GST rather than UK prices with 20% VAT.
This said, it means that the gifties need to be relatively small, light & easily portable, read: non breakable!

I have considered:
Maple syrup/maple syrup candies/chocolates.
Roots Canadian hats/toques, scarves, hoodies, etc.
Smoked salmon - the real BC stuff not the thinly sliced stuff you can buy anywhere.
Limitations to clothing - I don't know anyone’s sizes so we'd be looking at "one size" or "general" items.
No sweet stuff for one of my grandmothers as she has diabetes.

Ok so who do I have to buy for?
2 x grandmothers
3 x uncles
1 x aunt
1 x female cousin (13 - turns 14 early next year)
1 male cousin (11, he is the one of the ones I've not met)
1 x uncle's g/f (who is the other one I've not met)

So... suggestions? It doesn't have to be only available in Calgary, I should have time to buy on the interwebs & have it shipped here before I leave.
He's settling in well, getting bolder... when he first arrived he'd hide under the stairs in the basement at feeding time until I rattled the food container... now he waits on the stairs just behind the other two.
He likes pettings & tummy rubs... this aint no feral cat! :D When he's a little more settled I'll get rid of the couple of mats he has & try clipping his claws.
Duchess is still hissing at him but seeing as it took her 2 years to accept Merlin as a permanent addition to the family I'm not too worried.
Merlin's still unsure but they seem happy to chase each other around the house!
I'll post some pictures as soon as he stays still long enough for me to take some!

I'm going to call him Tomos.
It's the Welsh spelling of Thomas which means twin... seems appropriate as he’s kinda like Merlin Mark II.
He came out of hiding when I called him this morning :)

I also considered:
Cai – Welsh form of the Latin Caius meaning Lord... he was also a figure in the Arthurian legends... goes with Merlin & Duchess
Gwydion/Gwyddion – Welsh wizard from the Mabinogion 
Floyd/Lloyd meaning Grey-haired as they are both derived from the Welsh word for grey – llwyd
Plus the many suggestions friends came up with but none of them quite fit.

Here are a few:
Manannan (Irish) - but that made me think of the Muppets song Mahna Mahna.
Manawyddan (Welsh) - also from the Mabinogion but a bit of a mouthful
Gandalf - well it fit the wizard theme & he’s got the grey... but I can’t imagine myself calling that out at home... plus “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” always comes to mind when I think of it!
Prince – makes me think of the "Artist Formally Known As..." plus I don’t think Duchess would appreciate being upstaged by a Prince.
There were quite a few regal names & I can see why from the picture... but he’s not... his favourite thing so far is rolling around on the concrete floor! :)

This morning I left a note for K telling to not let the cats out of the basement (indroducing the house to Tomos in stages) & that there were now two who looked like Merlin. His response was "Why has Merlin gone through meiosis?" I said I didn't know... it must be a Ragdoll thing :)


Oct. 13th, 2011 02:59 pm
For my Viking friends:
Here is the new addition to the family:

He's a blue point Ragdoll, like Merlin, but he has white paws.
He needs a name... suggestions?
I sorted through my fabric on the w/e & there's lots I want to get rid of. Most of it I have long since forgotten why I bought it & what type of fabic it is... there's some I just bought because it was pretty & cheap!

I suspect a large chunk of it is not even close to being period (sorry purists) but you might have a non SCA project it would work for.

Anyway, you are all welcome to come & have a rummage through & see if there's anything of interest. If you're worried about things being awkward feel free to wait until November.

I will also be having a garb clear out so if you or someone you know might interested let me know. Once I get my ducks in a row I'll take pictures & post an ad to the Stables/Circus.

Wales 22 - 10 Ireland
On to the semi-final against France!

I think I must be part zombie... I totally dig a man with brains.


Oct. 4th, 2011 07:52 pm
My arms & legs feel kinda funny after my kettlebell class...

I had to miss one of my bootcamp classes when I was up in Wainwright so I took the kettlebell class to make up for it.
I think I prefer regular bootcamp!
Wales 66 - 0 Fiji

Next up, quarter final against Ireland.


Sep. 30th, 2011 08:20 am
There I was thinking nowish would be a good time to buy myself a Kindle... I'm going to the UK for Christmas for 3 weeks & I expect much reading to be done. I tootle over to Amazon's website & find out they're bringing out a touchscreen version in November... "Cool!" I thinks to myself... then I find out it's only available in the US right now... suckage!!


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